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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

(Video) Poverty embarrasses Officer Woos in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Officer Woos, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "Officer Woos versus Neighbour (Strong Person). His new comedy skit is an advert for a popular betting company, known as, 1xBet Nigeria.

In the new comedy skit, Officer Woos pays a visit to his friend and neighbour. He meets his neighbour the moment he gets ready to "smoke" cassava flake (Garri). His neighbour sees him and covers his Garri immediately. Officer Woos begs his neighbor for some garri but his neighbour tells him that his mother had counted the garri.

Officer Woos begins to tackle his neighbour for treating him like that because he doesn't money. Officer Woos leaves. Within a few seconds, his neighbour is heard banging Shaggi's girlfriend in his room. They both come out and see Woos standing in one corner listening to them when they were doing their thing.

Woos begins to tackle his girlfriend for sleeping with his neighbour but refused to sleep with him because he has no money. His girlfriend, Shuga, begins to give nasty excuses.

In another scene, Woos and his friend are seen hanging around in an undisclosed location. While they were there, their female friend, Cynthia joins them. She greets everyone with a hug but gives Woos a knuckle. Woos tackles her for giving others some hugs and romantic body contact but gave him a knuckle. Woos blames that situation on his lack of money.

His neighbour takes him to one corner as he begins to tell him alot of things about a sport betting company, 1XBet NG. He narrates everything to Woos. Woos and his neighbour return to meet their friend. During that process, someone farted and all attentions were shifted to Woos. He blames that situation again on his brokenness.

Video below:

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