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Sunday, March 28, 2021

(Video) THE VOICE NIGERIA 3: Blind Audition - Episode 1

The Voice Nigeria Season 3 is here and fans are super excited. The first episode (Blind Audition) was super amazing with the coaches giving their verdicts and turning their chairs without being bias. The audition is called "Blind Audition" because the coaches don't get to see who's singing. 

On the new season of The Voice Nigeria, two new coaches were added and they are: Falzthebhadguy and Darey Art Alade. The sponsors of the music reality TV show maintained Waje and Yemi Alade as coaches. 

On the first episode of The Voice Nigeria Season 3, six contestants auditioned by performing on stage. Only four (4) out of the six were picked and they were all females. The two young guys who performed weren't all that good but they are still great singers.

The main host of this season is Nancy Isime, while the co-host is the beautiful Toke Makinwa. Two of the contestants picked Yemi Alade, while one picked Falz and another one picked Darey. None of the contestants picked Waje. The audition is still on, this is just the first episode.



She's a 31-year-old music teacher. She hails from Bayelsa state. According to her, she says her darkest moment was when she lost her mother in 2017. Her father also once had an accident but he's fine now.
On stage, she performed "Ijoba Orun" by Lara George. She picked Coach Darey to mentor her throughout the competition.


She didn't say much about herself. She's a stage actor. According to her, she says she started singing at a young age. She has so many daddies and mummies.
On stage, she performed "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys. She picked Yemi Alade to mentor her throughout the competition.


He's 23 years old and hails from Benue state. He was born in Agege, Lagos state and has been living with his grandparents since childhood. According to him, he says growing up in Agege didn't turn him into something negative. He was an assistant headboy while he was in secondary school. He studied Classical Music.
On stage, he performed "Ego" by Djinee. Unfortunately, he wasn't picked because none of the coaches turned their chairs.


She's 25 years old and hails from Ondo state. She's a graduate of MBBS. She had her tertiary education in Ukraine. According to her, she says she travelled to Ukraine in 2012 for her Pedigree, which she did for one year. She graduated from the University in June 2019. She's a medical doctor. While in Ukraine, she joined the choir group in her church. Her parents are pastors. According to her, she says her family members are her greatest influence in her singing life.
On stage, she performed "What Is Love" by Empire ft Bozeman. She picked Yemi Alade to mentor her throughout the competition.


He's 22 years and hails from Cross River state. He's a graduate of Unical (University of Calabar) where he studied Theatre Art. He's a fashion stylist and has multiple personalities, according to him. While he was at the University, he won the award category for "Best actor" twice. While speaking, he mentioned three of his wishes and they're:
I. To get on The Voice Nigeria.
II. To win The Voice Nigeria.
III. To become a superstar.
On stage, he performed "When I was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. Unfortunately, he wasn't also picked just like Matthew.


She's 20 years old and hails from Abia state. According to her, she says she lost her voice in 2018 and couldn't sing for 9 months. Her vocals returned in 2020 (last year). She says she feels like Beyonce when singing in front of the mirror.
On stage, she performed "Try Me" by Tems. She picked Falz to mentor her throughout the competition.

Video below:

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