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Saturday, March 13, 2021

(Video) Zubby Michael sets Mr. Macaroni up with his wife & kid in a new comedy skit

Nigerian comedian, Mr Maraconi, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "The Robbery Ft Zubby." His new comedy skit features popular Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael and fellow comedian, Isbae U. 

In the new comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni is seen in his car discussing about insecurities in the country with a fellow politician on phone. While discussing, he sees a pretty lady standing in a street waiting for an Uber. A lady with her daughter were also seen standing in the same bustop as the other lady.

Mr. Macaroni gets interested in the lady but the woman who has a daughter begins to disturb and plead with Mr. Macaroni to give them a lift or ride. After much pleading and out of irritation, Mr Maraconi then tells the woman to enter his car for a lift. 

Isbae U gets irritated by the begging act of the woman with her child. Getting to a certain road, Mr. Macaroni gets stopped by Zubby Michael and his robbery gang. Mr. Macaroni gets dragged out his LEXUS SUV to the ground by Zubby Michael. Zubby begins to slam Daddy Wa (Mr. Macaroni) sarcastically, due to the fact that he doesn't help or freaky men's bank accounts.

Zubby then tells Mr. Macaroni to freaky his own bank account. Mr. Macaroni gives his phone to him (Zubby) to input his account details but gets slammed. Zubby tells Mr. Macaroni that he must put out a video of him telling the world that the money is for youth empowerment.

In the end, Mr. Macaroni freaks Zubby's account with the sum of N10 Million (Ten million Naira). After freaking the account of Zubby's, the lady stands up and walks straight to Zubby. They both kiss each other. Zubby set Mr. Macaroni up with his wife and kid.

Video below:

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