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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

(Videos) Americans roast Derrick Jaxn for cheating on his wife

American motivational speaker and relationship guru, Derrick Jaxn, has finally admitted that he cheated on his wife with not just one woman but multiple women. African-Americans are currently angry at Derrick for being a hypocrite.

Derrick Jaxn (pronounced as Jackson) is a popular relationship guru, who advises women to stay away from cheating men. He usually advised women on the types of men they date and many more. He appeared to the general public as a good, responsible and faithful man, until his infidelity acts got exposed. Now, he's humble in an arrogant way.

He also attacked men who cheat and he would go as far as advising women to stay away from such men. His pieces of advice usually took place in his car, lolz. Taking to YouTube channel, Derrick, sitting with his wife, Da'Naia Jackson, revealed he cheated on her.

He narrated a lot, which you will watch yourself in the videos below. In the end, his wife says she has forgiven him for cheating on her. Derrick Jaxn says he knows it won't be easy, especially for those who took his pieces of advice serious.

In another video, Derrick Jaxn is seen acting according to what Americans had written in their tweets; their reactions after his cheating video with his wife went viral. Americans saw the video, they began to attack him again.

Videos below:

Reactions from Americans below:

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