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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

(Videos) Lady who was slapped by boyfriend at a hotel gets disowned by her parents

Yesterday, a lady named Anita, trended on social media after she got slapped by her boyfriend, Emma at a hotel room in Benin City. According to the accusation from her ex-boyfriend, Emma, he says Anita slept with his bestie and got pregnant in the process.

Taking to his Instagram page yesterday, Isokoboy, shared a video showing how Anita was slapped by her Edo boyfriend after she got pregnant. Anita was slapped during a heated interrogation with Emma, after she got pregnant from sleeping with his best friend, Marvis.

Emma only wanted to know who really got her pregnant. What led to the slap was when Anita started saying Emma cheated on her. Out of anger, Emma slapped her and his rubbish friends couldn't do anything. They even supported him by asking Anita stupid questions. One of the guys says Emma was planning to engage Anita before she messed up by flirting with his friend. 

In a trending video on social media, Anita, finally spoke. According to her, she says everything that happened at the hotel was a lie from her ex-partner, Emma. She also revealed that her family has disowned her after her scandalous video went viral.

In the video, she said:

"So it happened all yesterday.
I got home, my boyfriend called me to come a a hotel and i went because i trusted him.
When i got there, they started beating me. My ex-boyfriend came out, took my phone, made videos to post and everything went viral. 
Everything he said in the video about me was wrong, i didn’t do anything.
Please help me i’m innocent of all the allegations.
My parents have disowned me because of this."

Videos below:

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