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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Barack Obama is in support of Joe Biden's withdrawal decision from Afghanistan

Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is in full support of President Joe Biden's withdrawal decision of army from Afghanistan. Obama has said that Joe Biden has made the right decision in completing the withdrawal of the U.S forces from Afghanistan. 

He wrote: "President Biden has made the right decision in completing the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Today, we should pause to pay tribute to the extraordinary sacrifices of the Americans who have served in our longest war, as well as their families. We also honor the allies who served alongside us, and the Afghan people who have suffered so much in pursuit of a better future for their country. It has been a long and arduous struggle in Afghanistan, rooted in our response to the deadliest terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland in our history. American troops, diplomats, and development workers can take pride in their efforts to deliver justice for 9/11, destroy al Qaeda's safe-haven, train Afghan Security Forces, and support the people of Afghanistan.

Since we began to draw down U.S. forces in 2011, the United States made clear to the Afghan government that we would be gradually transitioning responsibility for security while creating time and space for efforts to improve governance and pursue diplomacy. Nearly a decade later, it is time to turn the page to the next chapter of our relationship with Afghanistan. There will be very difficult challenges and further hardship ahead in Afghanistan, and the U.S. must remain engaged diplomatically and through our development efforts to support the Afghan people, particularly those who have taken extraordinary risks on behalf of human rights. But after nearly two decades of putting our troops in harm’s way, it is time to recognize that we have accomplished all that we can militarily, and that it’s time to bring our remaining troops home. I support President Biden’s bold leadership in building our nation at home and restoring our standing around the world."

A day ago, President Joe, visited the grave yard of some vets who had served the country. He took to social media to share a photo from hia visit at the graveyard.

He wrote: "I am immeasurably grateful for the bravery and the backbone that members of our Armed Forces have shown through nearly two decades of combat and deployments in Afghanistan. We as a nation are forever indebted to them and to their families.

Less than one percent of Americans serve in our Armed Forces. The rest of us — the other 99 percent — we owe them.

They have never backed down from a single mission that we have asked of them. They have never wavered in their resolve. They have paid a tremendous price on our behalf. And they have the thanks of a grateful nation."

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