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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo and 9 other celebrities top 2021 Most Followed on Instagram

The world has gone digital. Every information a person needs is either on Google or on social media. So many celebrities are cashing out real big via sponsorship and advert placement because of their huge followers. 

Sportman/footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo makes millions per year from his Instagram sponsored posts. According to reports, he charges $1M for every sponsored post on his Instagram page. 

Cristiano isn't just one of the most liked celebrities in the world, but also the most followed celebrity in the world with 273 million followers. Pop star, Ariana Grande has shocked everyone to be the most followed female, singer and second most followed celebrity in the world. 

Her fame can be traced to her early start from Nickelodeon sitcoms, such as: Sam & Cat, etc. Ariana took over from Selena Gomez, who used to be the most followed female celebrity in 2020. The Kard-Jenners are obviously the most famous families in the world. The Kardashians are hugely famous, likewise the Jenners, Kylie and Kendall. 

The Rock and Beyonce are the most followed black celebrities in the world. Yes, The Rock is a black man. Leo Messi is the second most followed footballer in the world after Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Here are the most followed celebrities of early 2021 on Instagram:
1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 273 Million 
2. Ariana Grande - 228 Million
3. The Rock - 226 Million 
4. Kylie Jenner - 223 Million 
5. Selena Gomez - 219 Million 
6. Kim Kardashian - 212 Million 
7. Leo Messi - 194 Million 
8. Beyonce - 170 Million 
9. Justin Bieber - 168 Million 
10. Kendal Jenner - 157 Million 

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