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Saturday, April 17, 2021

(Video) Meet Chief Goddey Ehiwarior: The biggest yam farmer in Delta state

Delta state is one of the states with the best soil for yam cultivation in Nigeria. Yams are mostly cultivated and harvested very well in Delta state, especially in Agbor. When travelling, look out the window from Agbor, you will definitely see a lot of market women selling thick and quality yams. 

Chief Goddey Ehiwarior, is said to be one of the biggest yam farmers in Agbor, Delta state. He's been farming for over 45 years and has no plans to stop. According to reports, he's currently teaching his numerous children how to cultivate/plant yams, to become the biggest yam farmers just like him. 

In the video, he took a reporter from Anambra state round his yam barn in Delta state. His barn is as long as "Third Mainland Bridge" - exaggerating. In the video, Chief Goddey says he still has more barns for yams. If it were to be in the ancient days, he would have been the richest man. 

Things you should know about Chief Goddey - Ezeji (King of Yams):

1. He's been a Yam farmer for over 45 years now. 

2. He cultivates and harvests other farm products, such as: Palm oil, Okro, pepper and cassava. 

3. He's a large ranch where he rears different animals and livestock. 

4. He's married with seven wives and several children. 

5. He's a native of Amahia, Alihagwu, Agbor, Delta state 

Video below:

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