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Saturday, April 3, 2021

(Video) Officer Woos and James Brown's comedy skit is a MUST WATCH

Nigerian comedian, Officer Woos, has dropped a new comedy skit, titled, "Uncle Aunty James Brown - My Neighbour." His comedy skit features popular cross dresser, James Brown.

In the new comedy skit, James Brown and a house agent are seen as they got off a bike at the front of a compound. From the comedy skit, it shows James Brown had paid the house agent N100K for a room in the compound. James begins to tackle the house agent over the poor structure of the compound and the house.

The house agent begins to convince James that he will definitely like the house. James and the agent enter the compound of the house. He sees the house and begins to attack the agent for getting him a room in such a dirty compound.

He enters and sees Officer Woos and his friend playing a game. Within a few seconds, James and Woos begin to bond well as friends but Woos' friend doesn't seem comfortable with James. After a few seconds, James Brown offers Officer Woos a plastic container of pringles. Officer Woos takes him from him wholeheartedly.

Officer Woos isn't aware of James hidden agenda or intention to lure him into homosexualism by sleeping with him. In the end, Officer Woos finally sees why James Brown had been so good to him. 

Video below:

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