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Saturday, May 8, 2021

15-year-old girl gets raped by her big uncle and 6 other men in Delta state

A 15-year-old girl has been rushed to the hospital after being raped by a man who usually saw as "a big uncle" and 6 of his friends. In total, they're seven (7) in number. The incident took place in Issele Uku, Delta state.

A source and prominent person in Delta has narrated how she got raped by the seven demonic men in Delta state. According to the source, the 15-year-old girl had an issue with the mother of the culprit - (the man whom she usually saw as her big uncle).

The man told her to visit him so he can hear her side of the story and probably solve the issue. She obliged and visited him in his house at exactly 7:00PM. While she was narrating what had happened. The demonic man dragged her inside.

He and his 6 friends increased the volume of the music, as they took turns to rape her. She was raped by 7 able-bodied men. The 15-year-old girl sustained 2 perineal tear and bleeding profusely. She's still at Asaba Specialist Hospital. 

Our attention was drawn to a case of a young girl aged 15 who was raped by seven able bodied men in Issele-Uku yesterday.

The young girl had issues with a woman in the community, her son, one of the culprits whom she saw as a big uncle called her to hear her side of the story, she got there at about 7pm in the evening. As she was trying to explain what happened to the man, he dragged her inside the room where 6 of his friends were waiting, turned on the music, increased the volume so that nobody would hear their heinous act and then took turns on this young girl. 

She sustained 2° perineal tear, bleeding profusely and was in severe pains. Some indigenes took her to the hospital in the community where it was certified that hymen was torn jaggedly.
Behind Bars Family led by Harrison Gwamnishu stepped in and took her to Asaba Specialist Hospital for further medical care."

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