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Thursday, May 27, 2021

BIAFRA: "You Can't Win War Against An Ideology With Only Guns" - SA Based Evangelist Tells FG

The South East of Nigeria has been radicalized.
To radicalize means to cause someone or a group of people to adopt radical and extremist positions on political or social issues.

Radicalization happens when an influential person(s) capitalize on the deprivation or oppression of a population to cause the population to adopt EXTREMIST positions on socio-political realities.

The Terrorists in the North were radicalized with as much concerning issues just like the secessionists in the South. The issues the Northern and Southern extremists are fighting for can be justified but their approach is a product of Radicalization.

The mistake of the government/leaders is trying to fight Radicalization with guns. You can't win the war against an ideology with only guns.... You need to engage those radicalized and their leaders with superior ideology through a well designed national orientation program.

As a Southern Nigerian myself, I can accurately predict that Southern Nigeria especially South East Nigeria is on the brink of a bloody socio-political unrest which neither guns nor funds can solve.

The best time to quench this fire was yesterday, another time is Now - OR NEVER

This is an alarming alarm. Ignore it at your own peril.


By Evangelist #CharlesAwuzie 
(... By the way, here's a book I think every leader should read before assuming office... I've read this a couple of times and I recommend it to the governors, their advisers, and the President and his aides). 

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