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Sunday, May 30, 2021



General Philip Effiong (18 Nov, 1925 to 6 Nov, 2003) was the first vice president and 2nd president of the now defunct Republic of Biafra during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war 1967 to 1970.

   President of Republic of Biafra, 8/1/1970 to 12/1/1970.
   1st Vice president of Republic of Biafra, 30/5/1967 to 8/1/1970.
  He died at the age of 79yrs at Aba, in Abia state. He has 9 children. An indigene of Akwaibom State . He joined Nigeria Army in 1945. Later joined Biafrans forces during the civil war.

   On 15/1/1970 at Dodan barracks in the presence of general Gowon announced the end of Biafra conflict. At this time, General Ojukwu has flown to Ivory coast. No weapons for the Biafrans forces to use in combat the enemies, and millions of civilians dying due to the blockade, therefore, no other option left than to surrender wisely.

He was quoted "Treat the surrendering Biafrans well, or face their children rise up again."

 Let Biafrans and her Lovers remember General Effiong for his commitment and submissiveness to General Ojukwu and the entire Biafrans.

Rest in peace General Effiong, people's General. Je nke oma nna anyi.

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