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Thursday, May 20, 2021

"Malami can't even hide his hate for Igbos" - Sowore tackles AGF Malami

Nigerian Activist and media personality, Sowore, has tackled AGF Abubakar Malami's comparison of "Open grazing" to "Spare part" business. In his statement, Sowore says that Malami can't even hide his hate for Igbos. 

Yesternight, AGF Malami was a guest on ChannelsTv to speak on the ban of open grazing, which the Southern Governors are fighting for. Malami says it's unconstitutional to ban anyone from grazing in any state in Nigeria. 

In that process, he (Malami) compared the ban on open grazing to ban on spare parts. In the video, he says: "It's about constitutionality. Within the context of the freedoms enshrined in our constitution, can you deny a right of a Nigerian?

"For example, it's as good as saying the northern governors coming together to say they forbid spare parts trading in the north. Does it hold water?"

Omoyele Sowore has taken to his Twitter page to slam Malami for comparing the "Fulani's illegal grazing" to "Igbos' legal spare parts business." 

Omoyele Sowore's statement reads: "The definition of malignant idiocy is what Abubakar Malami @MalamiSan is, they can’t hide it that they hate the tribe that sells “spare parts” and I ask what has spare parts got to do with this national emergency?" 

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