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Sunday, May 2, 2021

DANGER ZONE: Ajao Estate is currently a danger zone for jobseekers

Two sources who have heard the experiences of other people who visited a yet-to-be identified area in Ajao Estate, Airport Road, Lagos, have decided to alert Nigerians to avoid the aforementioned area. 

A former Uber driver revealed that he once picked up a lady from Ajao Estate, who escaped from the grip of the yet-to-be identified kidnappers and killers in the area. The Uber driver says: 

"There's a kidnapping ring who lure people with jobs inside Ajao Estate Airport Road, Lagos. I know this because I picked a lady during my Uber days who escaped from their grip."

Another lady came forward and revealed she once escaped from the trap of the kidnappers in the same Ajao Estate. According to the lady, she says she's grateful to the taxi driver, who told her about the evil going on in the area, and advised her to forget about the job. 

She said that the taxi driver told her a lot of people who went to that undisclosed area in Ajao Estate never made it back alive. She says:

"I narrowly escaped this one morning, the taxi drivers at Ajao Estate told me to go back home and forget about the job, because everyone they drive there never made it out alive."

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