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Friday, May 14, 2021

Family of poor farmer who was killed by Billionaire Ned Nwoko seeks justice

It's a year a poor farmer in Delta state, by name, Ugochukwu Nkenchor, was reportedly hacked to death by Ned Nwoko's militia thugs over land grabbing issues. So many people are currently calling out Ned for illegal grabbing of people's lands and also sending people who refuse to sell their lands to him to jail. (Read More Here).

Narrating every thing, s source says:

On May 7 2019, Onicha Ugbo’s hometown waterman and peasant farmer, Ugochukwu Nkenchor, was hacked to death on his farmland, allegedly by Ned Nwokos armed militia thugs, over a land dispute. (Read More Here).

It’s exactly one year today. The family continues to seek justice and closure.
Today remind us of why we cannot stop our campaigns against Ned Nwoko. Ned Nwoko is a suspect. If you arm a person and engage him in a dubious and deadly assignment, you are as guilty as your messenger. 

In Memory of Ugbochukwu Nkenchor, I share his story again. May his soul continue to be granted eternal grace. Stay with me. 
Murder Scandal In My Hometown:
Murder, Silence and A Royal Mess.
Is Obi Of Onicha Ugbo, HRH Victor Chukwumalieze, Covering Up For Billionaire Ned Nwoko? (Read More Here).

These words, by Mrs. Patience Nkenchor, the Onicha Ugbo peasant farmer allegedly hacked to death on his farm by Ned Nwoko's militiamen, kept hunting and following me throughout this week: 
"....Dat time after the thing happen, the family waka go to the Obi of Onicha Ugbo palace to talk the matter. but dem return come tell me say Obi tell dem say make dem nor come there again to come talk the matter..."

The echoes of her anguished voice, the tears that filled her lungs as she narrated, painfully, how her husband was hacked to death with an ax, woke me up at midnights. Her voice and spirit of Ugo, her late husband, were pushing me to seek further and perhaps, find closure for her mourning season. The nightmare was surreal. So I decided to find members of the late fine farmer's family that visited the palace of His Royal Highness, Obi Victor Chukwumalieze.
 I found a few. I promised to protect their identities so as to prevent any retaliation from anyone. Let them come after me. What they told me was astonishing and unbelievable. My understanding from them was that the Obi of Onicha Ugbo may have compromised the Kingdom's royalty, silenced by Ned Nwoko's surplus cash to him. Ned Nwoko allegedly acknowledged his armed thugs had encroached on Ugochukwu's farmland and allegedly hacked late Ugo to death, like a cow on a slaughterhouse slab.

I captured their narratives thus:

"...Initially, Ned offered to pay for the burial. We refused his offer. We were angry and in pain. Our brother's body was still fresh in the mortuary. So we planned his burial. After we buried him, we visited the Obi's palace to strategize on seeking justice for our son. The Obi dismissed our visit to his palace. He told us that he was not interested in the matter. He advised we settled the matter with Ned...


The Obi of Onicha Ugbo asked us to go away and settled the murder of our son with Ned Nwoko. He said that we should contact Ned to financially assuage us for the loss of our dear son. He further urged us to sell our ancestral land where Ugo was murdered to Ned and send his own share of any "financial compensation" as soon as he pays us.  

We told him that we were not sure we wanted to sell the land since we lost one of our sons on it. He told us that Ned is a powerful man with lots of money: so we should tell Ned to buy the land legally and he should settle us for the death of Ugo; that he, the Obi grew up on that farmland: he knew the land was communal farmland. But since death had happened there, we should just collect the money from Ned and give him(The Obi) is own cut..."

 "That was heartless. We went to discuss how the family would get justice from the killing of our son on our land and the Obi was defending a possible murder suspect. The Obi was not interested in the death of one of his sons, as the father of Onicha Ugbo kingdom. Mr. Jebose, that visit and those moments listening to the Obi are horrific and unforgettable moments in our lives. The Obi of Onicha Ugbo has sold our Kingdom to Ned Nwoko and other money bags in that area: Just bring your money and do whatever you wished to do on Onicha Ugbo land and to any Onicha Ugbo indigene, including murder, the Obi will defend you. We live in horrible times. 

"The Obi is the father of Onicha Ugbo and there are two murders within one year in his beloved Onicha Ugbo Kingdom, all linked to Ned Nwoko and his deadly armed militia, parading the haven of Onicha Ugbo border with Idumuje Ugboko, extending to other towns that bordered Idumuje Ugboko. Ned has deadly armed paramilitary outlaws, parading these towns and villages, causing murders, mutilations, and mayhem. He has his own bandits, armed with most sophisticated conventional weapons of war, as he grabs lands from poor and vulnerable peasant farmers within these peaceful ancient Kingdoms..."

"Please do not call me. I do not give a damn who you are: do not call or contact me on this pathetic story. Don't ask me if I talked to the Obi, to get his side of the story. This is reprehensible. This death did not happen today. Ugochukwu Nkenchor was hacked to death on May 07, 2019. Another death, Blessing Ogogo happened about six months ago. These two deaths are linked to Ned Nwoko. What has the King done to help these families seek justice? Has the Obi reprimanded Ned or did Ned reprimand the Naira lover King? Let the Obi banish me from the Onicha Ugbo kingdom. This is wrong. The King of the town, silent on two murders linked to his rich dear friend. Come after me if you wished, Justice and truth will prevail. Which indigene of Onicha Ugbo is safe if the King of our Kingdom is compromised. He doesn't give a damn about lives lost in his homeland and he is the father of us all. If the Obi can do nothing about these deaths in his Ogbe, what stops him from being nonchalant if you are murdered?"

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