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Monday, May 17, 2021

FULL VIDEO: "Ordinary President" trends after slapping woman who poured kerosene on niece's head

A popular "On Air Personality", Ahmed Isah, popularly known as, "Ordinary President", is currently trending after a video showing how he slapped Susan went viral. Recall who Recheal John is?

A few months back, popular Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokunbo, took to her social media platform to show a little girl, Recheal John, whose head/hair was burnt by her father's aunt, Susan. 

The video went viral and it immediately arrested the attention of a popular radio personality and philanthropist based in Abuja, by name, Ahmed Isah of Brekete Family. He invited Recheal and her mother, Alice Sunday John, on his show to narrate their side of the story. 

While they were on his show, Alice, briefly narrrated what had happened. Out of anger, Ahmed involved the police to arrest Susan. Before Susan was arrested, she was interrogated by Ahmed. Something happened there and it immediately made him trend.

The whole video was captured by a popular journalist of The BBC. Susan was called upon by Ahmed, who interviewed her. During the interview, Susan, admitted that she poured kerosene on Recheal's hair and added fire, which resulted into a terrible sore on Recheal's head.

According to reports, Susan carried out that evil act on Recheal over allegation that she's a witch. During the interview, Ahmed Isah, gave Susan one last chance to give him a genuine reason she had to do what she did to her niece.

Susan, who sat in her chair, kept saying she doesn't know what happened and bla bla - (talking gibberish). Out of anger, Ahmed Isah - (Ordinary President), brutally landed Susan "front" and "back hand" slaps.

The video went viral and Ahmed Isah is currently getting backlash from a few Nigerians. Ahmed has also supported Recheal with N2M and other philanthropists also supported the family with some cash. 

Video below:

Full video:

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