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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Nigerian community gives chilled drink and money to a caught thief

An undisclosed Nigerian community has given a thief that was caught some chilled drinks, good meal and a tip after clearing the debris covering the gutter. A few Nigerians are in support of the action, while some aren't. 

Reporting the issue, El_abdool told Kossyderrickent, that an undisclosed community has given a good meal with chilled drinks to a thief that was caught in the community. He was later made to clear the debris from the gutter. 

After the clearance, the elders in the community sat him down and talked sense into his head. He was later given some undisclosed amount of money and was set free. 

El_abdool narrated: "This man stole something, instead of him being injured or killed by D people of that community, they gave him a good meal plus chilled drinks & made him continue to remove all D debris that covered all their drainages as a preventive measure against flood during rainy season. 

Finally, the community elders sat with him & gave him a tips on how to improve his life in a positive related ways & pay him for his work."

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