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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Nigerian football coach stabbed to death while trying to protect his teenage son in the UK

A Nigerian football coach, Tunde Fadayomi, has been stabbed to death by a man who felt offended because the bus he was on, remained stationary in London, United Kingdom. The incident happened on Thursday, April 29, 2021. 

According to an eyewitness, Tunde Fadayomi, was stabbed to death while he was trying to protect his 14-year-old son from an attacker. According to the same eyewitness, the argument started when the attacker accused Tunde's son and his friends of making the bus stand still, whereas a driver was being changed. During the argument, the attacker stabbed Tunde at doorway of a chicken shop. 

The eyewitness says: "The bus had stopped outside Willesden Garage and the man just kept shouting that he need to see his mum and then he started accusing the boys of being the reason why the bus wasn't moving. I was on my phone and was thinking 'why is this grown man shouting at these boys.'

"The boys were trying to calm him down but then he reached into his crotch and pulled out a blade. The boys ran off the bus and one said he was going to get his dad. The dad asked the man why he had troubled his son. They started shouting at each other before the killer took out the knife again and said 'I want to go and see my mum. They started fist fighting on the street before the man started stabbing the dad. After stabbing him, the suspect calmly walked away. It was like nothing happened."

The eyewitness felt disgusted as bystanders brought out their phones to capture the dying moments of Tunde Fadayomi, instead of trying to save him. He says:

"I was the only one who called police. We need to change the way we use technology and use it sensibly not stand by and watch a man dying. This man died protecting his son. As a father myself I understand why he confronted his killer and we would do the same. He did what any decent father did and he lost his life while the killer walked away without a care in the world."

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