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Monday, May 24, 2021

Nigeria’s Ordinary President’: BBC Reporter Says Life Under Threat, Calls For Help

BBC journalist, Peter Nkanga, who reported how popular radio personality, Ahmed Isah, assaulted a criminal suspect, says his life has been “seriously under threat” since the documentary was published on Monday, May 17.

The documentary had placed the methods adopted by Isah, Brekete Family’s founder and host, famously known as Ordinary President, under scrutiny. 

It showed a scene where the radio host and human rights advocate slapped Susan, a young woman who allegedly set the hair of her six-year-old niece on fire after accusing her of witchcraft. It also accused Isah of abandoning cases without explanation after promising to follow them to their logical conclusion.

Nkanga, in a statement shared with HumAngle on Sunday, says he has been facing cyberbullying and threats targeting him and his family since the report was released.

“My attack is not coming from the State, or Opposition, or some militant group. My attack is coming from the public mob that Ahmad Isah commands. I am talking about a multitude of everyday people including gatemen (mine in my residence is an avid follower of Ahmad), taxi/keke/okada drivers, market sellers, business owners, shop attendants, people from all walks of life and strata of society,” he wrote.

“I am talking of everyday people you meet anywhere and everywhere on the road, malls, parks, markets, church, offices, banks, etc, who are his fervent adherents. They have my image, they are threatening me on social media.”

He further alleged that his phone numbers were released to the public during the daily Brekete Family programmes aired on May 20 and 21.

“Ahmad is a mob leader. He allowed my numbers, on two different days, to be broadcast live for his adherents all over the world to attack me. It was a clear premeditated action with malicious intent. Ever since, these people have been calling, sending SMS/WhatsApp threats to me,” the journalist said.

“I have had to switch off my phone lines. I am afraid because Ahmad’s adherents have told me they know where I live, and I will die...”
Nkanga said he had gone into hiding. 

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