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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Reactions as lady who received scholarship from Rapper Drake finally bags Master's Degree

In February 2018, Drake stormed many grocery stores to pay for people's bills, which he also documented or recorded for his iconic song, "God's Plan." He didn't stop there as he also stormed a Miami High School and University of Miami.

On February 6, 2018 (three years now), Drake stormed Miami High School and awarded a few students with $25,000 for their education. After that, he moved to the University of Miami, where he awarded a lady, by name, Destiny Paris James, $50,000 scholarship for her Master's Degree.

At that time, 23-year-old Destiny was studying "Public Health" at the University of Miami. After receiving the scholarship from Drake, she furthered for her Master's at the University of North Carolina. After a few years, she's finally become a Master's Degree Holder.

Taking to her social media platforms, she shared two photos which briefly explained her Master's Degree journey started and ended, with captions, which read, "How it started" vs "How it's going."

After sharing the incredible photos, a lot of people across the globe began to react to the great deed done by Drake. 
A Throwback statement from Destiny, she wrote: "ment nelson
 Feb 6, 2018
Drake surprised students at Miami Senior High by filming a music video, and donating $25K. 
He then visited the University of Miami where he donated a $50K scholarship to a random student who just so happened to be Destiny James of Denmark, South Carolina #GodsPlan.

Here are the reactions:

Grace Zales
Replying to 
This is what a talented women does with an education. Crushing it! Also: I love the white dress for a graduation, becomes a power statement, just saying.

Rock $tar
Replying to 
God's plan gotta be your favorite song of all time... Because it changed your story forever 
Dizzy symbol
And Big ups to Drake. Our Artist of the decade for doing the lord's work. 

Meaky Seun
Replying to 
I can remember i was in 200L when this happened 
Btw am still in 400L though 
Nigeria Edu is slow asf. 

mŸ nvmë ï§ T×J..
Replying to 
oh this was real? i thought drake was just tryna make it look good for the video 
Loudly crying face
Loudly crying face
Loudly crying face
 congrats tho. 

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