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Monday, May 17, 2021

(Video) Custodian of Idanre Hills reveals why he won't wear TOP till he dies

The high chief and Custodian of Idanre Hills, has revealed why he won't ever wear a top till he dies. According to him, he says it's a taboo to wear "top", due to fact that he's Custodian of "Olorin."

When asked if he has a wife or permitted to have a wife. The 47-year-old high chief says he has two wives, but one left him long time ago. When asked how long he has been doing the job, he responded by saying "seven (7) years."

According to him, he has a house downhill, but decides to sleep on the hill and he isn't scared to sleep alone, because his hands are clean. The high chief revealed that his position isn't hereditary. Anyone can take over from him as long as the person understands the culture and has a clean heart.

NOTE: When asked why he can't wear a top or singlet, he revealed that it is because he is the guardian of a special abode called the "Olorin" and nobody enters the house fully apparelled. Though the man has a house downhill, he always sleep on the mountain and has been doing so for the past 34 years.

Video below:

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