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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

(VIDEO) Disappointment as 25-foot-tall African statue is unveiled in honour of African culture

A 25-foot-tall African statue was unveiled in Rockefeller Center in New York City, United States of America. According to reports, the statue was carved in honour of African culture.

It is said to have been designed by an African American artist, Sanford Biggers. Black Africans and a few Americans are currently disappointed in why a statue like that was sculpted to honour African culture.

In the video or photo, the statue is seen sitting on something that somewhat looks like a throne, with a gold staff in its hand. 

Video below:

Reactions below:

Replying to 
Who in their right minds thought this was a good idea. It could have been a stately figure along the lines of MLK and people would respect that. Whatever this is looks like a set piece off the jungle cruise and people are just going to laugh

Libertarian Jesus
Replying to 
I swear I just fought that boss in Resident Evil. 

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If BLM was ever going to vandalize a statue, it should be this one. 

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Africa is not a monolith, and neither are its people. What is this. 

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What is that, why couldn't it be a statue of MLK or something. 

Dan The Norman Flag of ScotlandFlag of IrelandFlag of Norway
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Okay.. Um. I am cool with a statue honoring African Culture. But, can some one explain why THIS is the statue design? May be I am missing something because I am Indo-European. But...

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