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Monday, May 17, 2021

VIDEOS: Mixed reactions from Nigerians as "Ordinary President" slaps evil aunt

Mixed reactions are rolling in from Nigerians after "Ordinary President" was captured on video giving a wicked aunt "front and back hand" slaps. (Read Full Details Here).

A few Nigerians are thanking Ahmed Isah (Ordinary President) for slapping Susan; the aunt who burnt her niece's hair with fire and kerosene. Another set of Nigerians aren't happy Ahmed Isah laid his hand on a woman, despite her crime.

Videos below:

Mixed reactions below:

Why did he hit her like thatFlushed face? If she killed a child she should be jailed.

Alison Ibraheem⚪
Replying to 
You're seriously justifying assault?
The woman committed a crime, let her meet the justice she deserved from the law. Ordinary president isn't the law. And we want our leaders to be responsible and obey the law? Lol. 

Ordinary president Ahmed Isah crossed a line in fact but yet I Stan.

Aproko Doctor
He had NO right to hit her. He is not judge and jury, if we say he can, then others can, if others can, others will. Where does it end?
Get angry yes! Use that anger to ensure justice is served. We're not animals. 

ABUJA SK Electric plug
Omo I don't care what u guys are saying. Ordinary president of Brekete Radio may ve acted unprofessionally on this particular case but if you were in his shoes and you're sure you won't do the same , take him to court. Ahmed still remains one of d most honourable men in Nigeria. 

Chiagoziem Njoku
She no even collect well, kudos to the Ordinary president. Voice of the voiceless. 

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