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Monday, May 24, 2021

"I was married spiritually, not physically" - Yeni Kuti says

Legendary Fela's daughter, Yeni Kuti, popularly known as, YK, has revealed she was married spiritually and not physically. She made the statement while speaking with The Sun News during an interview.

1. In your teenage years, what was the perception like being Fela’s daughter? 

A lot of people didn’t want to be our friend because were Fela’s children. A lot of people looked down on us because we’re Fela’s children. It’s a totally different ball game now. Growing up, it wasn’t like that. If you went to your friends house and they knew you’re Fela’s child, the children will be warned not to mingle with you. That is if they didn’t tell it to your face there and then. Even now at 60, I still remember the incident that happened one day. My uncle, Prof Olukoye’s son introduced me to a girl, Bisola, and there and then she snapped into anger, telling my cousin never in his life should he introduce her to such people again. It’s an experience that stuck with me for a very long time. I was 17 then and I’m 60 now, but I still remember that episode very well.

2. Were you married in a church or mosque?

That one is just on paper! We didn’t need church or mosque to get married. Our spirits are married. We are fully committed to each other. You don’t need any church, mosque or registry to join you together. Just to let you know, we are driving out of town for the weekend.

3. A few years ago, you reportedly got married, what happened to the relationship? 

We are married spiritually not legally. I think spiritual marriage is more important than legal, because we are tied together spiritually.

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