Laura Ikeji shades Tiwa Savage as she fights for her sister, Linda Ikeji over the love of Oga Access Bank, Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Laura Ikeji shades Tiwa Savage as she fights for her sister, Linda Ikeji over the love of Oga Access Bank, Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe

The reason behind Laura Ikeji's message about sidechics getting richer in Nigeria was a shade at Tiwa Savage. Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Laura threw a subtle shade at Tiwa because she's dating CEO of Access Bank (Oga Access), Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe after he (Herbert) ignored Linda Ikeji. 

The information was revealed by a popular Instagram blogger, Cutie_Juls, a few minutes ago. According to the blogger, Linda Ikeji is using her her sister, Laura, to hit back at Tiwa Savage after Oga Access refused to date her (Linda Ikeji). 

In a bid to fight for her sister, Laura took to social media yesterday to tell Nigerian wives to get money from their husbands, because sidechicks are getting richer by the day. That statement was a perfect shot aimed for Tiwa Savage. 

Now, the Ikeji sisters are in a real bad blood (enmity) situation with Tiwa Savage because of a man's gbola (manhood or penis). 

Cutie_Juls revealed:

"Awon women supporting women but Linda is codedly disliking Tiwa and using her town crier sister to do her dirty work.
Poor Lilian Afe thinks Laura is just being a supportive friend without knowing that Laura is just fighting her rich sister’s interest. 

"What an entanglement. 
No wonder why Laura told Lilian off when she openly supported Tiwa recently during the Tiwa and Seyi’s salon fight. 
Lilian didn’t even know Tiwa was the one in charge of Oga Access then. 

"Sister Lilian, please it will be in your interest to find out how your one time ATM and family financial problem solver, Oga Access got to know about all your “bad habits” your other runs, your alleged flauntings etc. Make I no talk b4 them go say Cutie wan scatter friendship biko. 

"There is no such thing as loyalty in friendship o.. Indeed blood is thicker than water. 

"I come in peace but Tiwa sha carries huge grace. I never thought there will be a time where “madam self made” who is also a champion advocate for “women supporting woman” will dislike a fellow woman cuz of gbola. 

"Oops Una forgot say .. Oga Jeremi’s [linda’s baby daddy] ex is also Tiwa’s friend? and cuz Oga Access finds Tiwa more coded, he won’t even look at the almighty Linda Ikeji. Chai! Nooo wonder, na double wahala for Tiwa from the Ikeji sisters.

"Any way, you see that Laura’s video I mentioned yesterday, it was because of Tiwa. Abeg, Tiwa is really living the life by kind courtesy of Oga Access’ bank account.. Awon Laura has turned motivational speaker overnight who was indirectly shading Tiwa and telling Oga Access’ wife what she needs to know. Abegi but when Lilian was there she never saw anything wrong with the man spending on Lilian and the truth is, she’s not even doing all this motivational speaker cuz of Lilian but for her sister Linda."

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