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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Main reason behind Nollywood actresses, Iyabo Ojo and Omo Brish's fight REVEALED

The main reason behind Iyabo Ojo and Omo Brish's throwing of shades and fight has been revealed. According to information revealed by Gistlovers, it revealed that the main cause of their quarrel is because Iyabo Ojo took the absolute credit over Omo Brish's sponsored movie, titled, "Under The Carpet." (Read More Here).

The fact is Iyabo Ojo never claimed she was the one who produced or directed or sponsored the film. She only helped Omo Brish by using her social media platforms to promote the movie. Why should Omo Brish be angry at Iyabo for using her platforms to promote her own? 

Instead of solving the issue, Omo Brish, decided to go on social media to throw shade at Iyabo Ojo. In her recent shade, she called Iyabo Ojo "a toxic lady." 

Gistlovers wrote:


Before you come for me say I be devil know that ogun is walking naked at this hour and can strike anybody de*d,so make Una sabi wetin Una Dey do o. Mon nkan ton shey o,Because me wey be child of VAWULENCE beg them say make them settle,them no gree so wetin I go do na,Iyabo posted brish say make peace reign, Brish no acknowledge, I beg am beg am,she talk say she no do FAKE LOVE,so let the VAWULENCE begin in full force. HERE WE GO

According to our source,there are several beef between the two besties as our investigation revealed a lot of hidden beef between them,wait, am I mad?why I Dey Speak plenty English,Plenty English no go make this gist sweet o. Plenty English na killer of joy. Oya back to our Agbero broken,so sometimes back Iyabo sent some videos to Omobrish and according to IYABO, na  only omobrish she send the video give,the video is about some rotten foods been sold in iyabos restaurant then(when Gbeminiyi Oloosha Oko) was still managing the restaurant,one way or the other the video got to Amebo headquarters and I posted it warning people not to buy from Iyabo restaurant to avoid food poisoning (OLD GLB MEMBERS SHOULD KNOW THIS STORY). 

"Iyabo got so mad and confronted Omobrish and Omobrish denied that she never sent anything to me of which she never did but he be like say she sent it to somebody and one way or the other the video got here,they settled that and continued their friendship. Fast forward to some years later Iyabo and Omobrish had a mutual friend (A married man) the Man is their friend and everybody knows. 

"They attended a party together and Iyabo got dancing with the guy. Omobrish sneakingly made a video and sent to the man’s wife so the wife can confront Iyabo the woman actually did and called Iyabo saying she knows she is not a celebrity but she leaves Iyabo for God to judge her, Iyabo on hearing this went to meet the woman and explain her own part of the story, and Iyabo explained hers too and they became friends since then, it was later the woman now told Iyabo that it was Omobrish.

"That sent her the video,on reaching Iyabo to confirm the gist,she said she does not have anything to say and she won’t grant any interview.Now the main issue that caused this last yam pepper scatter scatter is about their latest movie, UNDER THE CARPET. According to our source the movie belongs to Omobrish and she needed a known face to act the lead role and front for her,she bankrolled the movie and Iyabo turned the movie to her own entirely without giving her the due credit which made people to start laughing at her and making mockery of her,according to our source she felt so bad and cheated hence the shades for weeks and the Isu ata yanyan. 

"When we reached out to her to confirm the story she confirmed it with Emoji of been surprised how we got to know and asked who GLB is to have known so much. She later said was not ready to talk much about it as Iyabo is her friend and she won’t want to discuss her with a that’s the cause of this lengthy Instagram fight o, I tried to weigh in,they both refused but upon plenty begging Iyabo decided to listen and posted Omobrish which I begged brish to acknowledge but she said she is hurt and she doesn’t want any social media love,which made Iyabo angry and she pulled down the post, na since then proper. Vawulence don start wey bottles dey fly up and down o, who go settle this matter like this? I come in peace o."

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