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Friday, June 11, 2021

Nigerian gospel singer, Ebenezer Ayeni, shot dead days before his wedding

A popular Nigerian gospel singer, Ebenezer Ayeni, has been shot dead by suspected armed robbers in his residence in Ibadan, Oye state, on Thursday, June 10, 2021. (Read More Here).

According to reports, armed robbers invaded his home and was shot in the process of their operation. He sustained serious injuries and was rushed to two different hospitals. Firstly, he was rushed to the University College Hospital and secondly, to a private hospital, known as, J rapha hospital, in Ibadan.

At the private hospital, he was rejected because his loved ones couldn't provide police report. According to his friends who took to social media to mourn, said that Ebenezer Ayeni, would have tied the knot with his wife next week.

His candle light ceremony will hold today, June 11, 2021, at Adegbemile Cultural Centre in Akure, Ondo state. Taking to Facebook, his friends mourned him:

Olawale Samuel wrote:

"Man of God like I used to call you, Ebenezer Ayeni NIGERIA HAS HAPPEN TO YOU TOO AND MY HEART BLEEDS.

Your Government has failed you
UCH has failed you
NIGERIA has failed you
I was still discussing with Bishop Shane Anifowose Oluwasinaayomi How we will dance and spray you money next week Saturday
Your wedding clothe that I bought is ready.. I spoke with your wife to be she said I told her I was coming on Wednesday and I said yes.. said I should wake u up for her...... Baba wake up oo will still believe in miracle and God still answers prayers u can still wake up to surprise us.How do you want the young ones you are gathering and putting on the right path to feel?
How do u want Bolarinwa Kehinde Ajipe feel who will feel that space you occupied in her Heart?
And to all Nigeria youth out there na once person dey die, at this point I don't care what happens to me again, as long as it won't happen to my next generation let me do the fighting now and die and nothing happens to the people coming behind me #UchFailedUs #jraphahospitalfailedus #nigeriafailedus #Mcshayorsayyourmind
Eben you can still wake up, my eye is full of tears right now and I can't control my self."

Mc Shayor Comedian wrote:

"Ebenezer Ayeni was a seasoned Minister of the Word and Song. He was supposed to get married next weekend.

"He got a gun shot, he struggled and was rejected by UCH Ibadan and J rapha hospital respectedly all in the name of "no police report."

"Heben eventually gave up the ghost.
Rest on soldier.
Your marriage with the bridegroom as come.
He went to be with the lord 10th June 2021."

Omoniyi wrote:


"This morning, I woke up to read a news as regard the manner at which a promising Nigerian died of gun shot injuries his sustains when armed robbers invaded his house on Thursday because he was not attended to by the hospitals he was taken to for treatment due to his inability to produce Police Report at such critical time.

"On seeing this, I felt bad on why continue we continue to be a victim of our very own circumstance. The rate at which Medical doctors or practitioners toil with lives of Nigerians is disturbing as we keep on losing dreams and potentials to the grave due to mostly medical negligence.

"The issue of gunshot injury victims has been settled by way of legislation in which the Compulsory Treatment and Care for Victims of Gunshot Act 2017 was enacted into law to address the issue as alot of people had died mostly because they were left unattended to by the Hospitals they were taken to at that critical time.
With the passing of this Act, it has become a must to treat victims of gunshots without police report and even attached penalty to any violators the Act. 

"By a way of reference, section 1 provides that "Every hospital is to receive and treat victims of gunshot wounds with or without police clearance and/or payment of an initial deposit, but are duty bound to report to the nearest police station within two hours of commencing treatment on the victim" 

"For the violation, it provides that "Any authority or person,who se omissionresults in the unnecessary death of a gunshot victim shall be liable to imprisonment for 5 years or a finein the sum of N 500,000.00 or both.

"Any person who commits an offence under the Act especially, when the offence does not lead to death of victim but led to substantial physical, mental, emotional and psychological damage, shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of not more than 15 years and not less than 5 years without the option of fine".

"Now, our government needs to rise up and enforce this law. The law is useless without enforcement and the rate at which hospital toil the lives of Nigerians is getting alarming and calls for immediate intervention.

 "I am Omoniyi AKINWALERE.

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