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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Nigerian singer, EldeeTheDon compares IPOB to a wife that's fed up of her marriage

Nigerian singer, Eldee The Don, has given his 2 cents (opinions) on the issue of IPOB's plan to leave or divide itself from Nigeria for its own country. (Read More Here).

His statement reads: "I've never really had a public opinion on IPOB but I need someone to help me understand how asking to leave Nigeria is considered a declaration of war. "I no wan do again" is simply that. Or am I missing something? I'm sure I am.

"It's like trying to force a wife to stay in a marriage she no longer wants to remain in and then threatening her with physical abuse for asking to leave.

"Apparently, Boko Haram and other self declared terrorist groups have not done enough yet to be worth dealing with "in a language they understand", neither is the rapidly growing kidnapping industry.

"I keep trying to face my front but the ridiculousness of it all can't allow man to focus. You keep thinking you've seen or heard the worst from 9ja and then.

"Every single day people are being kidnapped, killed and properties are being destroyed, no real reaction from the presidency, but how dare Twitter delete the tweet of a president that is threatening a group of his countrymen with war!?

"Everybody eye don clear now, ...including all of us who were convinced into believing that Naija would be better off with "a man with good intentions". I still wouldn't support a second GEJ term but baba don fail woefully, like his military colleagues before him, maybe even worse."

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