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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

"South-east Suffering Consequences of Greedy and Selfishness of Her Governors" - Nwadike

Lest we forget, it was the SE Governors that gave IPOB "a bad name and invited the FG to hang them.

- SE Governors were the first to proscribed IPOB as a "terrorist group" just to please the federal government. (Read More Here).

- By proscribing IPOB which means, "Indigenous People of Biafra " it never occurred to them - both them and their relatives were also "terrorist by being Biafrans". Or should I remind them to read Dr. Chidi Odinkalu's book titled "WE ARE ALL BIAFRANS"

- Today, we are suffering the consequences of such selfish proclamation. 

- And now, they have lost credibility and power over their people and succeeded in creating "a De facto leader" who makes a declaration and even the state institutions obeys.

What dialogue and talking-to would have done, the south east POLITICAL leaders allowed their selfish desires to destroyed the peace of the south east region.

Today, they have suddenly realised that “you can proscribe an individual, you can proscribe a group, you can proscribe an organization but it is difficult to proscribe an ideology.”

May God heal our region, Nigeria and save us from selfish lead.
Maxwell Nwadike is an APC Chieftain and social commentator

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