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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

(Video) Actor, Benedict Johnson sends "loud" warning to actress Uche Elendu

Nollywood actor, Benedict Johnson has sent a loud warning to Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu, after calling him a "woman wrapper" in her recent post on Instagram. (Read More Here).

In a bid to correct Princess Shyngle's mentality on "besties of opposite sex" sleeping with one another, Uche Elendu, indirectly threw a shade at Benedict Johnson by calling him "a woman wrapper."

Taking to his Instagram page, Benedict Johnson told Uche Elendu to allow the sleeping dog to continue to rest. 

After sending loud warning to Uche Elendu, she took to her Instagram story to reply him. She wrote:

"It’s really good to know some extinct people are only relevant when they are associated with my name. Who are these ones calling my name oooo??? Who bestie??? Hey Benedict Johnson, don't be unfortunate, you were never my bestie. So shut up and face your family. I said my besties girlfriends. Are you not a married man with kids? My bestie is single. Please respect your masculinity and shut up!!!"

Uche Elendu's previous statement:

"People should learn to speak for themselves. Please @Princessshyngle, I understand your experience but it doesn't apply to everyone. I had a male bestie for 3 years. We travelled together, shared good and bad times together. Shared money, ideas and prayer, but never sex. 

"He's a man and I'm a beautiful woman but our priorities and morale were in place. We also knew we were friends not lovers, but unfortunately, my so called bestie wasn't that smart, his girlfriend felt threatened and formed an alliance, ganged up against me and told him despicable lies he foolishly believed. I only realised, he wasn't a friend afterall, never be a bestie to a woman wrapper, it could cost you your life."

Video below:

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