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Saturday, June 12, 2021

(Video) Detroit man, Jamaal, robbed off $20K gold chain he bought after winning $30K lottery

An African-American man, Jamaal from Detroit, has been robbed by thieves. They (the thieves) stole $20K gold chain from him at Westside gas station a few days ago.  (Read More Here).

In the trending video, Jamaal was seen at the machine lottery with his ticket. Surprisingly, he won the lottery worth $30K and immediately he bought a $20K gold chain with the money he won from the lottery. 

While Jamaal was at the machine lottery at a superstore in Westside gas station, a tall guy and his partner walked in, monitored the environment with their eyes and walked out. 

Unfortunately, Jamaal, left the grocery store and got attacked by the guys (who had previously monitored the store with their eyes). His new $20K gold chain was forcibly taken away from his neck. 

Jamaal speaks: "I hit the lottery. 
Yeah, it's a thing. 
So, I was just like looking around and making sure nobody trying to get my chain. 
I tried to ran back into the gas station. They had grabbed me and tackled me down."

Video below:

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