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Monday, June 21, 2021

(Video) Kenyan woman dies after being flogged by an Arab woman in Saudi Arabia

A Kenyan lady identified as, Wanjiku Esther Thuku, has reportedly died after she got flogged by her second boss, an Arab woman, in Saudi Arabia. According to reports, her body was found lying lifeless with the same dress she wore the day she got flogged by her boss. 

In January 2021, Wanjiku Esther reportedly left her first job where she also worked as a domestic staff. She left her first job due to physical assault and torture. In April, she got another job, where she worked for a month before she died. 

In a trending video, an Arab lady (her recent boss) was seen beating her domestic staff, Wanjiku Esther Thuku, with something that looked like a belt. Few minutes, she got dismissed and went home. 

The following day, her corpse was found lying lifeless on her bed in her one-room apartment in Saudi Arabia. According to information reaching Kossyderrickent, Wanjiku Thuku, travelled to Saudi Arabia in January 2019. 

When she got to Saudi, she got employed as a domestic staff, popularly known as, househelp in Nigerian English. On May 23, 2021, she reportedly went missing. Her African friends in Saudi and her family got worried and wrote to Saudi Arabian government. 

On May 25, 2021, Saudi Arabian government and police confirmed her death as they went to her house, broke her door forcefully and found her body lying lifeless on her bed in her apartment. After the news of her death reached Kenya, her husband, Bernard Njenga had this to says:

“When I told her that I do not like that idea, we started having small issues, and shortly she ran away and went back to her parent’s home. She carried the kids and went with them. I did not follow up with her immediately. 

“When she left for Saudi Arabia, she was in her mother’s hands. I was never told, I learned that she left from my sister when she was at the airport and wanted to talk to our son. Only her mother can explain how she left, who facilitated her flight.

"Worried by her unusual silence, the family contacted her employer in Saudi Arabia in February and were told that Esther no longer worked for them. She said Esther left in January.

"When the family reached out to her Saudi agents, they claimed Esther traveled back to Kenya but when the family insisted she did not return, they asked for more time to look for her."

Video below:

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