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Friday, June 18, 2021

VIDEO of Iyabo Ojo, Omo Brish and a married man at a party REVEALED

A false rumour started trending that Omo Brish was the one who sent a video clips showing a married man who kissed Iyabo Ojo on her cheek to the wife of the married woman. (Read More Here).

Now, the unidentified married woman has come out to say that it wasn't Omo Brish who sent the video directly to her, but she got it from Omo Brish's Snapchat page. Now, Nigerians are quite angry at Omo Brish for sharing the video on her Snapchat account.

According to Gistlovers, it revealed that that isn't the cause of Omo Brish and Iyabo Ojo's fight or beef. A conversation between the married explaining how she got the video of Iyabo Ojo and her husband in a somewhat lovely way got shared on social media. 

In the trending video, Iyabo Ojo was seen while kissing Omo Brish passionately on her cheek (close to her ears) at an Owambe party. 

While kissing Omo Brish, the married man (who is a mutual friend to Iyabo Ojo and Omo Brish) was seen at their back as he posed for Snapchat videos. Shortly after, he kissed Iyabo Ojo on her face. 

One amazing thing Iyabo did was that she rebuked him in a playfully and respectfully manner. 

Gistlovers wrote: "Fast forward to some years later Iyabo and Omobrish had a mutual friend (A married man). The Man is their friend and everybody knows,they attended a party together and Iyabo got dancing with the guy, Omobrish sneakingly made a video and sent to the man’s wife so the wife can confront Iyabo,the woman actually did and called Iyabo saying she knows she is not a celebrity but she leaves Iyabo for God to judge her,Iyabo on hearing this went to meet the woman and explain her own part of the story,and Iyabo explained hers too and they became friends since then. It was later the woman now told Iyabo that it was Omobrish."

Screenshot Conversation between the married woman and Gistlovers:

Video below:

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