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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

(Video) Robbers operate on Eko Bridge

Robbers have robbed a few Nigerians on Eko Bridge, yesterday. The robbery attacks have been going on since four days now and the Nigerian police are yet to do something about the situation. (Read More Here).

A source tells Kossyderrickent:

"My colleague was still trying to get some work done on his phone when a hawker stopped by my window and said "drop your phone, they are robbing." Not less than 2 minutes later, they went after a white bus. Slapped people, pulled out the cutlass, broke one of the back windows.

"The driver tried to maneuver but everyone beside and behind him was trying to escape as well. They circled round and that's when another brought out a gun. Passengers started jumping down, even passengers from a bus behind. They tried to go after a car too.

"Lagosians are on here everyday sharing robbery incidents. Yet they are continuing unabated and gathering steam. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, are you still governor? Policewhat exactly are you doing? It's not safe to move around Lagos, day or night. Is this your megacity?"

Videos below:

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