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Friday, June 18, 2021

(Videos) Northern family seen eating raw leaves with salt after bandits destroyed their community

A Northern family has been captured on video while eating raw leaves with salt after being forced to leave their houses, money, stores, properties and community to bandits, who chased them away and destroyed their community. (Read More Here).

An accurate reporter, Jamil, went on a journey to a yet-to-be identified remote community located in the Northern part of Nigeria. According to Jamil, he says the Northern family who were seen eating raw leaves and salt belongs to the Fulani tribe.

In the trending video, the affected mother was said to be a provision store owner and she and her family lived a comfortable life, until the attack from bandits.

Yesterday, the family received the news that bandits had completely burnt down their homes. In the trending video, the children of the family were seen cut, adding salt on the raw leaves, put in their mouths and chop it. 

Presently, the woman's last child is down with a skin disease, known as, Measles. 

Jamil revealed:

"Northern Family eats raw leaves mixed with salts to survive after losing their properties to bandits attack on their community. 
The family were living a decent life, non-stop 3 square meal, until bandits invaded their town. 

"Their mom owned a provision store back at her village, bandits chased them out and collected all her life savings. She has lost every penny she owned. This morning, words reached them that their entire village has been burnt completely by Bandits. @YarKafanchan. 

"Here is the mom with her baby battling measles eating the raw leaves also. She told me when they go back home, they add ONLY SALT to the leaves, then eat it.This was a women who drinks tea, bread with egg for breakfast, now eats leaves."

Videos below:

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