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Sunday, July 18, 2021

I only whipped my wife with belt, didn’t mean to kill her –Christopher, Edo waste manager

Thirty-eight-year-old John Christopher, who was arrested by the Edo State Police Command for allegedly killing his wife, tells ADEYINKA ADEDIPE why he regrets his action.. Read below (Read More Here).

How did your wife die?
On that day, I only whipped her with my belt and I had no intention of killing my lovely wife. As I was beating her, she ran out of the room screaming and my first son came to tell me that her mother was crying outside and that he didn’t know why she was crying.

I told my son I only used the belt on her. So, we both went outside and we saw her lying on the floor. I thought she was pretending so I hit her with my leg and told her to get up and follow me inside. She did not respond and I went inside with my son in the hope that she would join us later.

After my son and I went inside, I later discovered that some people came to take her to the hospital and I don’t know those who did that. They later returned and said she was dead. So, I decided to sneak out of the house because of the fear of being lynched. I was caught in the process and received some beating before the vigilantes took me away.

You were said to have beaten her because she refused to give you N2000. Why did you do that?
The reason I beat her was not because she did not give me the money. I lost my temper and started beating her because she said I was a useless man. I could not take the insult.

She questioned the reason I should demand money from her to repair the faulty television set, saying it was my duty to provide the money to repair the television. So, I got annoyed, told her to keep quiet and hit her with my belt.

Where did you plan to escape after you realised you had killed your wife?
I wanted to run away to avoid being attacked by the people in my neighbourhood. I was not actually running away but only trying to run to the police station to report myself.

How were you arrested?
The people in my neighborhood handed me over to the police. That was after they had beaten me up.

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