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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Mixed reactions as DSS posts photos from July 8, 2013 Facebook Post as claims of items found at Sunday Igboho's house in Soka, Ibadan

There are currently mixed reactions as DSS posted photos from July 8, 2013 Facebook Post as claims of items found at Sunday Igboho's house in Soka, Ibadan. A few Nigerians are currently angry. (Read More Here).

Recall that a day ago, DSS shared photos of items that were discovered at Sunday Igboho's house in Soka, Ibadan, during illegal raid and attack. 

In the photos, items such as: guns, Sunday Igboho's passport, some dollar notes and lots of charms, were found. After the photos went viral, Sunday Igboho reacted as he said that the guns aren't his and the guns were planted by the DSS in his house. (Read More Here).

After the photos went viral, photos of Rotimi Adebuji on Facebook from July 8, 2013 resurfaced on social media. The pictures of Rotimi Adebuji were exactly the same as that of the ones DSS posted and claimed that the items were found in Sunday Igboho's house. 

Alot Nigerians believe that DSS had picked the photos from Rotimi Adebuji's posts, while some Nigerians said that Rotimi's photos are fake.

Reactions from Nigerians below:

Reactions to the viral pictures, Rotimi Adebuji wrote:

Our elders warned them, our Kabiyesi warned them, our elite warned them, our political fathers warned them, I the only irumole warned from my ori ite mimo but Epe ni rai, curses ni sha , they curses Oni of ife, they curses Alake of egba, they curses oluwo, olofa, Ewi of ado to mention just a few , they cursed Obasanjo, Asiwaju, wole Soyinka and the rest ...

"EPE ni rai , EPE shaaaa ni, ebibu ni rai, isokuso ni shaaala as if their gbetugbetu is more than what I knew, they never listen, they never listen to good advice from ppl with good brain except the instructions from those fugitive who leaves in abroad, the trotro money from abroadian has made them mad to the extent they are ready to kill anyone who tell them the truths, I was surprised hearing their shakotoropo shouting on fb for backup from their fake worriors, she shouted for more than 45 minutes before she was silent like ibon ti won yin sinu adagun odo until I saw her at Abuja at DSS office , 

"The most funniest part of it was how some fake pastors and Awon alfa elebo are jubilating behind an imbecile who want to use a day rain to grow rice ..... an afifila pa Erin who doesn't knows anything, an Apoda who was dancing to the money from haters who are hiding their head, .... I said it three days ago that, Igboho planned rally in Lagos will expose most of these fake pastors like the way covid 19 exposed all our fake GO & BISHOPS.... look at how one hour operation neutralised all of them hands down with their stolen AK 47 and other fake charm , the most painful part is that cutlass that was given to igboho at ire EKITI, that cutlass will never come back to Ire-land , and such cutlass has good history connecting the town with baba ogun !

"They started with endsars, to chasing of Fulani from our bush, to Yoruba nesan now now ! Yoruba nesan ko, yorubawa nesan ni , is that how to call for a breakaway without the political figures?, 
is that how to brake away without a good structure in place? 
Is that how to fight a government with guns that was stolen from them ? 
is that how to fight government on internet? Awon afofungbemu omo ale gbogbo will continue cursing their father whenever we advise them, ....

"The most painful thing was how all these fake babalawo like JACOB ORISHAMIKA, a former 419, a ritualist who doesn't know anything than sakamaje, the idiot was using tricks on his gullible followers and his abroadian mugus, where are his power now, where are his acclaimed gbetugbetu now or is he no more chief apena Awon ogboni of EKITI state ? .......,, , erun gogo la kan fun upinlamorun re laye and all those fake juju that you are boasting with , for you to be bold to curse entire Uyin, I will never leave you until the whole world knows whom you are .... can ado fight any war without Uyin ... rederede la gbeyin upinlamorun re laye ... I'm coming for you big time !

"For those of you who has been cursing me for the past four months, may OBALUAYE, ELEDA & ASEDA returned all your curses back to your entire family in hundreds fold nitoriwipe ti EWURE ba boju wo Eyin , afi epe fun elepe, emi Oluwarotimi adebuji here by return all your curses back to you since what I was telling you has just come to pass.....

"I don't care for whatever any of the apologist said , enikan kii pa ohun mo agogo lenu, I will continue to talk, it's left for whoever that want to listen to listen..........

"Awon ole like Jacob ORISHAMIKA will be begging for okada and buses on internet where as four kidnapping issues that happened within ado EKITI was planned and executed by Yoruba sons and daughter, thanks to Nigerian police that expose them."

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