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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Rudy Rochman presents Israeli Shiviti to King of Enugwu Aguleri, King Chukwuemeka Eri at his Palace

Israeli socialite, Rudy Rochman and his team touched down Nigeria yesterday. Firstly, they were warmly welcomed by the Igbos in Lagos, before they travelled to Ogidi to deliver the Israel's Sefer Torah. 

Taking to his Facebook page, Rudy Rochman, shared the moment he presented King of Enugwu Aguleri, King Chukwuemeka Eri, with a gift of Isrealite Shiviti, at his palace yesterday. 

Shiviti was written by the Jerusalem Scribe. According to Wikipedia, here's what Shiviti means:

"A shiviti (Hebrew: שויתי‎, also shivisi, in the Ashkenazic pronunciation) is a meditative representation of a candlestick used in some Jewish communities for contemplation over God's name. They are usually placed over the amud – the podium from which the prayer service is led by the hazzan. A decorated parochet or mizrach tapestry, or a special illustrated page in the siddur with similar imagery, may also serve the same function."

He wrote: "Honored by Igbo King Eze Chukwuemeka Eri and invited to his palace. I presented him a gift from Israel, a shiviti inspired by We Were Never Lost and made by The Jerusalem Scribe. 
Israel X Igbo are locking arms."

Yesterday, Rudy Rochman took to his Facebook page to reveal that he and his team had dropped Sefer Torah in an Igboland, known as, Ogidi in Anambra state.

He wrote:

"The Sefer Torah has touched down in Igboland from Jerusalem.
We were welcomed by the community in Lagos, Nigeria and later in Ogidi. The We Were Never Lost journey has just begun." 

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