Sandre Iheuwa blocks Ubi Franklin from speaking with his daughter, Ariella and reason Ubi Franklin didn't celebrate Sandra Iheuwa REVEALED KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Sandre Iheuwa blocks Ubi Franklin from speaking with his daughter, Ariella and reason Ubi Franklin didn't celebrate Sandra Iheuwa REVEALED

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian socialite, Sandra Ijeoma Iheuwa has denied and blocked her baby daddy, Ubi Franklin from seeing their daughter, Ariella. (Read More Here).

Taking to Instagram, an accurate blogger, Cutie_Juls, revealed that Sandra Ijeoma Iheuwa has blocked and prevented Ubi Franklin from speaking or having any form of communication with Ariella.

When asked if Ubi Franklin sends money to Sandra Ijeoma Iheuwa for the upkeep of their daughter. The insider indirectly said "No", because Ubi Franklin can't be helping his daughter financially without seeing her. 

Revealing why Ubi Franklin left out Sandra Ijeoma Iheuwa when celebrating his three baby mamas. The insider says that Ubi Franklin respects Sandra's new husband, Steve Chidi Thompson Maduka (CEO of Royal Hairs) and for that reason, he can't celebrate another man's wife. 

Sandra and Steve are officially husband and wife. 

Cutie_Juls revealed:

"So someone very close to blogger Ubi Franklin reached out to us and revealed that Ubi, who wants to be a good father to his child with Sandra Iheuwa has been denied all access by the entrepreneur.
The insider says, according to Ubi, Sandra has refused him all attempted moves to make him see Ariella.

"According to same insider, Ubi says Sandra has blocked him on all his contact numbers and so he doesn’t even have access to speak to his daughter on phone as she cannot own a phone herself cuz she is a minor and the only way to contact her is via her mother, Sandra.
We also enquire why Ubi doesn’t send money straight into Sandra’s bank account for Ariella. The source close to us said; “how are we sure Sandra will allow Ubi access to Ariella even after catering financially for Ariella and that Ubi cannot be sending money without seeing his child”

"We also enquire about Ubi’s baby mamas post which the blogger left out Sandra.
The insider told us that this was because Ubi respects Sandra’s relationship with Mr Steve Maduka of Royal Hairs and so didn’t want to overstep his boundaries by posting another man’s pic considering that Sandra is soon about to be married according to a post Mr Maduka recently made.

"The insider also disclosed that Mr Ubi Franklin has tried severally to reach out to his daughter via mutual friends he shares with Miss Iheuwa but to no avail.
The insider says Mr Ubi Franklin really loves and cares about Ariella like all his children and this new development since April 2021 has had a huge thorn on the blogger’s emotional state."

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