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Friday, July 2, 2021

(Video) Kolaq Alagbo's wife's friend, TopeXKitchen drags Miwa Signature Palace

Kolaq Alagbo's wife's friend, Tope, has dragged Miwa Signature Palace as she said that she (Miwa) loves show off. Tope also mocked her and her newborn (the one she and Kolaq had together). (Read More Here).

According to information reaching Kossyderrickent, Kolaq has finally paid the bride price of Miwa Signature Palace,Queen of Kayanmata. Even Cutie_Juls also confirmed the information. 

Tope is disgusted at the fact that Miwa had been bragging to her fans with someone else's husband. She (Miwa) also bragged that her wedding ceremony with Kolaq will be elaborate. Unfortunately, her bride price was paid in a low key way. 

Taking to her Snapchat page, Tope began to shade Miwa and her baby boy. She (Tope) also called her all sort of names and also threatened to deal with her. 

Tope indirectly shaded Miwa's son by saying that if she likes, let her wear him all the designers' outfits in the world, everything ends in six feet -  (vanity). 

Tope also said that Miwa is suffering from postpartum depression, that's why she's throwing tantrums on the fact that blogs are saying negative things about her (Miwa). 

TopeXKitchen or Toplopex16 wrote:

"Ogun lo ma pa e Miwa, tag me next time b*tch. The last time I check, I didn't put your name, but since you wanna go there miss I'm strong online, but busy calling person man dey cry say they are insulting you on social media. Oloriburuku, seek help dear. 

"All this necessary show off we all know it's to cover up for the regrets and sadness. It's called instant gratification. I pray God heal you internally postpartum depression is real y'all."

Video below:

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