Miss Ipem Ihihe receives old model Toyota Camry and Mr. Ipem Ihihe receives Thermocool freezer for winning Bekwarra, Cross River Local Govt beauty pageantry KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Miss Ipem Ihihe receives old model Toyota Camry and Mr. Ipem Ihihe receives Thermocool freezer for winning Bekwarra, Cross River Local Govt beauty pageantry

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Miss Ipem Ihihe has won an old model Toyota Camry after successfully contesting in Bekwarra, Cross River Local Govt beauty pageantry. (Read More Here).

Also, Mr. Ipem Ihihe received a new Thermocool fridge as grand prize for winning Mr. Ipem Ihihe Beauty Pageantry. Taking to his Facebook page, Moses Uchu, shared the news, which has currently gone viral in Nigeria. 

According to Moses, he gave an opinion on why the lady received a car, but the man received a freezer, especially in a country that respects men. Also, Nigerians have reacted and they aren't happy with the governor of Cross River State, Governor Ben Ayade. 

Giving his opinion, Moses Uchu wrote:

I will like to first commend the organizers of this year's mr.and miss ipem ihihe pageantry, they really tried in Their various capacities to showcased the true culture of Bekwarra to the world.
To the chairman and his philanthropic wife who never get tired of projecting Bekwarra to the world and empowering the less privilege,widows, Students etc God will reward them richly.
To the winners of this year's contest I congratulate them.

 "Well before I give my take on this I want you the (#organizers) to understand that iam not ignorant of the financial situation rocking the entire country, Iam aware things are expensive.
On the other hand I want to also remind you that the pageantry is not a do or die Affairs without the pageantry other activities should have been an alternative to commemorate this year's new yam festival instead of portraying poor image of Bekwarra to the world in the name of pegentry.

"We said we are in the 21st century and gender sensitivity should be put incheck in whatever we do, what you do for the masculine gender should be applicable to the feminine gender.
So can the organizers explain to us the rationale behind a gift of car as star prize to the winner of miss ipem ihehe and a thermocool freezer to the male counterpart?

"If the organizers can't afford a car as star prize for both Mr. And Miss ipem ihihe In my opinion i think it would have been better they don't give car as star prize.
 instead of giving a car to one person while the other person go home with a thermocool freezer in a local government that have not seen light (#NEPA)for years.
Does it mean that the position of the female as ambassador of Bekwarra new yam festival is more important than that of the male?

"What's the economic importance of that freezer to a 200level Student who probably is an occupant of malabor republic as star prize for winning Mr.Ipem ihihe pageantry?
The Toyota pencil Camry that was given to the winner of miss ipem ihihe I won't assure you that it was pleasant to the eyes to behold,this doesn't portray a good image of Bekwarra as a local government to the world.

"We are in a digital world where we are seeing what other local government who received thesame allocation as Bekwarra and also have representatives at both the state house of Assembly and House of Representatives from same LGA are doing.

When others are giving quality star prizes to winners of their pageantry we are struggling to give a fourthhand used pencil Camry with 5 different colors to ours, are we really encouraging this young models? 

"If the money wasn't enough to get two cars I mean good cars for winners of the contest then they shouldn't have given car and thermocool freezer as prize.
Instead the organizers would have sum up the Money used for the purchase of the two items and give them as cash prize.
 Iam sure the car and the thermocool freezer won't cost less than 500-600k to purchase, share the money 250k or 300k to the two of them to start up any business of their choice, it would have been better and more mature that this thing iam seeing here.

"I don't mean to offend anyone but like I said what is worth doing is worth doing well.
If They can't do it well it's better they don't even do it at all instead of projecting poor image of Bekwarra to the entire world.
I'm not please with this and I'm sure so many persons are not too but will choose to keep quiet because they are benefiting from the government in one way or the other and won't want to tell them the truth.

"Mr. Chairman ,First lady ,organizers of this year's pageantry and everyone involved we will anticipate a better version of this next year thanks.

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