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Monday, October 11, 2021

VIDEO: Nigerian Mafia: Black Axe and Eye are taking over Europe; Italy, Germany and France

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian Mafia, such as: Black Axe and Eye or Aye, are taking over Europe. These set of Nigerian Mafias specialise in human trafficking, digital scam and forced prostitution. (Read More Here).

According to the unseen investigative journalist, he says that the Nigerian Mafia beat the girls and most times murder them if they refuse to go into prostitution. He says that the human trafficking is indeed an extremely brutal one. 

These Nigerian Mafias love deceiving young girls and forcing them into prostitution in European countries, such as: Italy, Germany, France and other European countries. The Black Axe cultists are gradually taking over Germany. 

According to the investigative journalist, he says that in Italy, Nigerian Mafia and Italian Mafias are treated as "Transmission Organised Crime." 

According to a repented human trafficker and Nigerian mafia, Daniel, says that Castel Vol Turno is the city in Italy where all the killings and burying of the murdered ladies are carried out. Their bodies after being cut into pieces are buried in different parts of the soil, so that the police won't be able to gather it for further investigations. 

Daniel said that a lady identified as Jessica was killed and her body cut into pieces because she refused to play (sell her body). Daniel said that he warned the Nigerian Mafia to leave Jessica alone, but they refused.

He was left with choice, but to report them to the police authority. Unfortunately, the Nigerian Mafia fled Italy to another European country, Germany. 

The investigative journalist said that madams from Nigeria are usually behind the sex trafficking in Europe. These madams sponsor the finances, passports and visas used by the ladies to come over to Europe. When the young girls come to Europe, they force them into prostitution. 

The investigative journalist said that the madams are usually former prostitutes. Also, these madams team up with the Nigerian Mafia (Black Axe and Eye). 

When the girls misbehave or try to escape, the madams report them to the Nigerian Mafia, who in return would beat the girls and allow numerous boys sleep with them. 

Theresa, a rescued young girl says that the Nigerian Mafia in Europe all have connection and if any girls escape to another country, they contact their partners in other European countries. In no time, such ladies would be caught. Theresa said that the Nigerian Mafias are everywhere in Europe. 

According to the investigative journalist, he says that the madams organise the daily routines of the girls and their earnings from prostitution are taken away from them by their madams. 

Video below:

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