SCREENSHOTS: Actress, Rami Chuene, exposes Broadacres Black madam who deducts salary of her Zimbawean helper, Nomusa Sibanda KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

SCREENSHOTS: Actress, Rami Chuene, exposes Broadacres Black madam who deducts salary of her Zimbawean helper, Nomusa Sibanda

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African actress, Rami Chuene, has exposed the evil deeds of a yet-to-be identified black South African woman who deducts the salaries of her Zimbawean helper, Nomusa Sibanda. (Read More Here).

                NOTE: The picture above is that of Rami's

Taking to her Twitter page, Rami, shared screenshots the black madam sent to her Zimbawean helper, Nomusa, notifying her that she would deduct her recent salary, which she is meant to collect or receive on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. 

According to Rami, she says that Nomusa Sibanda, got a nanny job with the said madam at Broadacres and agreed to pay Nomusa Sibanda the sum of 3000 rands every month. 

Nomusa Sibanda, got a job, started and went to the madam's house with her toiletries and things she needed, but the madam told her to use the materials provided by her and probably her husband, without telling Nomusa Sibanda that reductions from her salary would happen. 

It got to the time she (Nomusa Sibanda) will get paid (R3000), the madam deducted the prices of food, snacks, sweets and toiletries given to Nomusa Sibanda from her salaries. At the end of the month, Nomusa Sibanda, is left with just R1000 (which is terribly small). 

According to Rami, Nomusa Sibanda, has packed out the black madam's house after completing this month's duty and was awaiting her salary. 

The madam then sent nasty messages to Nomusa Sibanda on WhatsApp, telling her that she would get paid, but as usual, deductions would take place. 

The story is trending in South Africa and lots of South Africans are hoping Nomusa Sibanda gets legal help. A few South Africans began to plead with Rami to share the account details of Nomusa Sibanda, so that they would donate for her. 

Rami Chuene wrote:

"A THREAD: Lena! Let me tell you something. Don’t abuse your helpers! Vok!!!!! I’m so angry. I’m not crazy about screenshots but this you won’t believe me if I don’t show you. Here’s a madam (black) in Broadacres robbing and financially abusing her helper in broad daylight…

"The helper here is sisters with our helper, meaning I’m getting this info first hand. We were very excited that she got a job not that far from her sister, little did we know she was going to be working for a ‘Holy Spirit’ filled scammer.

"A salary was negotiated and agreed at R3000- in Broadacres but asikholapho. Helper went with her own toiletries but was told that in that household you use their stuff not what you bring.

"It was agreed that helper could eat at home. On some occasions, hubby who is in construction would bring muffins home and helper would be offered. Then a packet of sweets here and there would also be given to helper. One time he brought cake for madam & she gave it to helper…

"Now comes month end, Madam tells helper that she will give her an income and expenditure statement and guys!!!!! I’m not coping with this rubbish! Has anyone ever seen this kind of witchcraft? Boloi bo bo kaaka?
Please take your time I beg and go through the statement…

"Maybe I’m the one who’s got their lines crossed. Please, help me understand the deductions here…

"Bathong! What level of witchcraft is this? I’m so angry! Also madam told helper that she needed to ask her pastor to cleanse the house after helper left and that will be on her account.

"I hope you can make the conversation gore who’s who in the WhatsApp messages. In my opinion, there is only one person in need of cleansing here & it’s not the helper. I wish I could formally lodge a complaint on helper’s behalf. May we be better people and do right by others.

"I even have a headache struu! Modimo!"

Screenshots below:

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