SCREENSHOTS: Journalist David Hundeyin, clashes with Elrufai's son, Bashir El-Rufai on Twitter for mocking his "Nasco cornflakes jihad investigative reports" KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Thursday, November 18, 2021

SCREENSHOTS: Journalist David Hundeyin, clashes with Elrufai's son, Bashir El-Rufai on Twitter for mocking his "Nasco cornflakes jihad investigative reports"

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Nigerian journalist, David Hundeyin, has dragged governor Nasir El-Rufai's son, Bashir El-Rufai on Twitter this night. (Read More Here).

The online fight started when Bashir El-Rufai took to his Twitter page to mock David Hundeyin's investigative report about "Nasco cornflakes jihad", or Jihad having connection with Nasco cornflakes company. 

The mockery came from Bashir when he reacted to the news report that the US government has removed Nigeria from the religious violators' list. Bashir wrote: "'Cornflakes for Jihad' in poteaux poteaux." 

After his reactions, Bashir El-Rufai rudely replied a Nigerian who asked him a very harmless question. Bashir replied by saying "Your useless mother nko?" 

David Hundeyin saw his reply and wasn't cool with it as he then dragged Bashir with a throwback tweet of Rinu, who wrote that people who are named "Bashir" are usually senseless. 

David Hundeyin didn't stop there as he called Bashir's mother, Hadizel Elrufai, "a useless mother" and she should take her son to his useless father. 

David Hundeyin wrote: "Hi useless mother @hadizel, Come and carry your useless son and take him to his useless father." 

Bashir couldn't keep calm as he called David Hundeyin's mother "a useless prostitute of a baby factory factory mother wants to be." 

Bashir El-Rufai wrote: "My mother is someone your useless prostitute of a baby factory mother wants to be. 

The clash continued as David Hundeyin reminded Bashir how his elder brother died in a road accident because his father failed to work on the roads when he was made the FCT minister for roads in Abuja. 

David Hundeyin wrote: "Not Bashir El-Rufai talking about "too much money."
"Too much money" but when your daddy was FCT Minister in charge of the roads in Abuja, it was a bad road that ended your brother's life in that car accident.
But you have "money."
Toilet elite."

David Hundeyin also reminded Bashir that his parents progressed even before his father began to progress. David wrote:

"My mother was working at the US Embassy and earning more than anyone in your family was when your mum was getting VVF surgery after the underage birth that was you.
Levels bro.

"I would have believed but you saying you had a suite at Golden Tulip gave it away. You couldn't have afforded it. Yan bura uba no money Sai shirme."

David Hundeyin didn't end there as he reminded Bashir El-Rufai how his father once squatted in Dr. Chife's house in Accra, Ghana and said his own father (David's father) owned a suite at the Golden Tulip. 

David Hundeyin wrote: "Lol when your daddy was squatting in Accra inside Dr Chife's house all those years ago, we had a suite at the Golden Tulip, Bashir.
New money l'ón fi omodé pariwo.
Poor people." 

Screenshots below:

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