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Monday, November 8, 2021

South Africans mourn the death of former Zulu tribe commander, Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that former Zulu tribe leader, Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko, has passed away. His death was announced Injenje yabeNguni Council in the late hours of Monday. 

According to information, Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko, has been sick for a few months before he passed away yesterday. He was a man of discipline and principle.

In July, Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko, was suspended from the council for participating in the Pro-Jacob Zuma protest that took place in Nkandla. He was later brought back to the council after apologising. 

Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko was known for leading Zulu warriors during high-profile traditional ceremonies. Injenje yabeNguni Council prime minister, Phumlani kaDoto Mfeka has penned a touching tribute to the former Zulu tribe leader. He says:

“His passing evokes great sadness and indeed anger among many as we feel robbed of a proud glistening Nguni gem whose sparkle remains unsurpassed among his peers.

“A sizeable number of the Nguni youth have been inspired by the commander ever since the late Majesty King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu appointed him commander of the Zulu regiments.

“While there has been unsavoury sinister attempts by some to tarnish his image in the public domain, these feeble attempts failed as he remains the mostly highly respected Zulu commander of this generation."

After the news of Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko's death began to go viral, South Africans rushed to social media to pen tributes to him. 

South Africans wrote:

Nothing can compare to the loss of this man to the Zulu nation after the departure of Isilo samaBandla Inkosi Goodwill Zwelithini ka Dinizulu. It's been death after ku Zulu and sekuyazwela..
May this cloud perish and let the Zulu kingdom heal."

Princess of KwaMai-MaiCrown(Ndabezitha wa Moshoeshoe). 
Note, I am a stranger in the Province of kwaZulu-Natal. Blessed are those who entertain strangers. Ntate Mgiliji was one man, who welcomed even Basotho ba Morena Moshoeshoe in KZN. On behalf of the Basothos in KZN, realeboha ka tsohle Ntate Nhleko. Robala ka kgotso #RIPMgiliji Dove of peace."

The AmaZulu Royal house mourns the untimely passing of its former Umdidiyeli Wamabutho kaZulu uBab'Umgiliji. Such a sad loss to all of us who loved and took pride in him. A true Zulu man who kept together Izinsizwa zika Zulu when it was not fashionable to do so."

Mfundoyakhe Shezi Flag of South Africa
The former leader of the Zulu Army, Zihogo Mgilija Nhleko has passed away.
Rest Peacefully Mgilija."

Nkosentsha Shezi
A proud Zulu man, a commander of Amabuthu kaZulu. A revolutionary who responded to national duty to protect People's President 
 at Nkandla has fallen. We bow in honour of his spirit Bab Mgiliji. Please tell ISilo uZulu is under siege. Traitors are selling our land."

Phakama Mthwakazi 
Mthwakazi and the Zulu nation share an unshakeable bond, we share a similar culture and very related language. It therefore comes naturally that we celebrate their cultural icons as it feels right to do so. I just wanna say #RIPMgiliji, you ran your race well Nduna yamabutho."

Princess of KwaMai-MaiCrown(Ndabezitha wa Moshoeshoe)
Oh Yesu Loudly crying faceBroken heart
May the soul of Baba Zihogo Nhleko, Mgiliji rest in peace Dove of peace He'll be forever missed by Amabutho aKwaZulu neSizwe saKwaZulu le rona sechaba sa Basotho sa Morena Moshoeshoe. Lefu o sehlolo, this man was one of the Warriors of the Zulu Nation."

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