VIDEOS: Silk Talk vows to drag singer, Kamo Mphela, after calling him "waste of sperm" while defending Uncle Waffles KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Sunday, November 21, 2021

VIDEOS: Silk Talk vows to drag singer, Kamo Mphela, after calling him "waste of sperm" while defending Uncle Waffles

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that South African celebrity troll, Silk Talk, has vowed to drag South African singer, Kamo Mphela, after she called him a "waste of sperm" on Twitter. (Read More Here).

A few hours ago, Silk Talk, responded to Cassper Nyvoest's challenge to meet him in a boxing ring and if he wins, he will go home with the sum of 100K rands. 

A few hours ago, Cassper Nyvoest, responded to Silk Talk's trolling talks about him. In his tweet, Cassper said that he would like to meet Silk Talk in person and they must face off in a boxing ring. Cassper said that if Silk Talk knocks him out within 3 minutes and in 3 rounds, he would give him 100K.

During his response to Cassper on his podcast, Silk Talk said he accepts Cassper's boxing challenge. He continued as he said that he would respond to Kamo Mphela's insult tomorrow and immediately, she began to trend on social media. 

Recall that a few days ago, Silk Talk, dragged Uncle Waffles as he said she isn't talented enough to be paid so high. He continues as he asked where would Uncle Waffles be when her song, "Andiwele" will fade away. 

Silk Talk says that Uncle Waffle is 10 kilogram away from falling off. He said Uncle Waffle isn't as pretty as she used to be when she was 19.

The video went viral and it attracted Kamo Mphela's opinion. Taking to her Twitter page, Kamo, says that Silk Talk needs to stop hating on women who are successful than his entire existence. 

In conclusion, Kamo called him a "waste of sperm."

Kamo wrote: "He needs to stop hating on women who are more successful than his existence. What a waste of sperm."

Cassper wrote: "I no longer will be responding to trolls, this is not cause I don't want to, I actally enjoy go le chaila masepa cause it's in my nature. I'm doing it cause I have seen an great ammount of fans pleading I don't. I also think they doing it cause they know I'll respond. BLOCK ALL!!

"I would love to see Slik Talk in person doe, preferably in the ring. Tell him I Got 100k for him Cash, win or lose. All he has to do is survive 3 rounds, 3 mins with me. He got balls to talk on camera let's see if he will man up and come get this money. Offer stands till Jan.

"Another thing, if he shoots another video talking smack about my generous offer the deal is also off. This will be my last reply. Meet me in the ring, survive 3 rounds and get your 100k. You get the clout you've always wanted and you get to meet your idol Cassper Nyovest."

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