EXCLUSIVE: Executive Director of NPF Pensions, Mr. Nicholas Nneji, is Blessing CEO Okoro's baby daddy to her second son, Bryan Dgreat, and the man who owns the house she flaunted KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Sunday, December 12, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Executive Director of NPF Pensions, Mr. Nicholas Nneji, is Blessing CEO Okoro's baby daddy to her second son, Bryan Dgreat, and the man who owns the house she flaunted

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that the real baby daddy to Blessing CEO Okoro's second son, Bryan Dgreat, is identified as Mr. Nicholas Nneji. (Read More Here).

Taking to his Instagram page, Gistlovers, revealed that Mr. Nicholas Nneji, is the alleged baby daddy to Blessing Okoro's second son, by name, Bryan Dgreat. 

Also, Gistlovers revealed that Mr. Nneji owns the house Blessing CEO Okoro recently flaunted on Instagram. According to information, he embezzled money meant Nigeria Police Force pensions (pensioners). 

Mr. Nneji is a married man, but he and his wife found it difficult to have their own children, hence, the reason he accepted Blessing CEO Okoro's son, Bryan Dgreat. 

Gistlovers wrote:

"Dear Baby Daddy wey Carry h£@d like basket of onions, I heard you and your team are planning to drop an official statement tomorrow and debunk everything, I am so waiting for you all to come ahead with your denial so I can kuku say how the whole matter take start, how the whole embezzlement and laundering started. 

"How you pack your family and town people to that office just to be pushing bills up and no one will question you, your other side hen, the one wey get belle wey una go comot the belle, how you kept mismanaging money meant for pensioners, as everything take start we go see am here, make EFCC or Igp sef come put eye inside the matter, the least cars your people wey you put for that office Dey use is 27m car, money made from diverting pensioners funds, i Dey wait for that official statement denying ooo so igi ewedu can finally fall on you. 

"You Dey launder money come put BLE BLE to front for you, that one sef Dey take the house wey una use stolen funds build, she Dey use am oppress people @officialefcc get to work please, old policemen are suffering just because of one man, Blessing baby daddy, I come in peace.

"Here goes the owner of the house Blessing Ole CEO is flaunting, the man is her second son baby daddy, a married man who took una motivational speaker for one night stand wey she later talk say she get belle, the man deny am tho but Blesing with her kurukere mama made sure the man collected the child, this man has a beautiful woe and they adopted two kids because say them no born, Did you see his details online, they just wrote happily Married alone, not happily married with kids, even Blessing pikin no Dey recognized, two baba two pikins, This man don embezzle money meant for Old policemen pensions, him don take am build house come Dey use Blesssing front the house, Kobo no Dey Blessing hand, believe her at your own Perl, she lies for a living, all her dating whatever too Na SCAM, @officialefcc kindly look into this man, a lot of pensioners are dying while person wey dy in charge Dey use money build house come Dey put her noise maker baby mama there. Laundering pensioners money, God go deal with una one by one, @officialefcc @officialefcc @officialefcc @officialefcc how many time I call una?? Get to work, you will find a lot.I come in peace."

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