"I love her ghettoism" - Kenyans react to how superwoman, Winnie Odinga, stood on a car during Azimio La Umoja in Kasarani KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Friday, December 10, 2021

"I love her ghettoism" - Kenyans react to how superwoman, Winnie Odinga, stood on a car during Azimio La Umoja in Kasarani

Kenyans are still hailing Raila Odinga's last daughter, Winnie Mandela Odinga, for her courageous act during yesterday's Azimio La Umoja in Kasarani. (Read More Here).

While at the AzimioLaUmoja convention, Winnie, chose not to sit in the VVIP section, rather she chose to speak with the people and act like a commoner. 

Kenyans are saying she behaved like a real super woman yesterday as she stood on top of an SUV during the rally. According to information, Winnie, is recovering from Covid-19, hence, the distance from her. 

Reactions from Kenyans below:
Eng. D. A. Kundu
If you think raising up a girl is easier than a boy, wait until you have 3 daughters with a strong character like ⁦
⁩. Utapangwa upende usisipende.

Baba’s last born daughter Winnie Mandela Odinga is quite a non-conformist. She was reserved a VIP seat with other dignitaries but she’s on the top of her car. Looks like she’s the one going to take over from her father.

Anyamah Douglas
This is where Raila Odinga's spirit rests.
 Winnie Odinga.
Like father, Like Daughter. 

If Taliban was a person then it's 

Kalu Lepariyo
I love the ghettoism in 

Robert ALAI
Great to see that 
 has fully recovered from that serious bout of COVID-19 and was able to attend today’s #AzimioLaUmoja even though she still had to socially distance. 
I wish you full recovery.

Kevin McOwitiCircle for record
You can almost feel she is destined to be a politician.
That Raila energy and desire to be with the people is in her. 

Winnie Odinga has taken "staying dangerous" a little bit too seriously. 

MUSARASMI ( #WuodGiJunet)
She didn't chose the VVIP section rather Winnie decided to be supporter just like any other Kenyan who believes in Raila’s longstanding yawn for change. She chose to be in crowd, thats Raila Odinga's spirit!!

Dennis Nyambane
Bold Winnie Odinga at Kasarani Studium. 
She will get married after Raila Odinga becomes President in 2022. 


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