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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Influencer, Bonisile RMS, trends after saying he didn't go for Camp Rock/Mountain

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that a Xhosa man, Bonisile M., has briefly revealed the reason he refused to go for Camp Rock or Mountain. (Read More Here).

Taking to his Twitter page, Bonisile M, gave a simple reason why he hasn't gone for Camp Rock. According to Bonisile, he says until a "Camp Rock" graduate has shared his experience and it's different from the real teachings of life, then he would go for "Camp Rock."

Camp Rock is like "masculinity", "Initiation culture of young boys" into men and making them reason like "Men." Camp Rock is mostly the culture for Xhosa tribe in South Africa. 

Bonisile RMS wrote:

"My dad gave me a list of things he would get for me if I went to the mountain. I took the list to my mom, she got them all for me and set an appointment for me for a hospital snip where they gave me custard and Jelly afterwards in an air conditioned room.

"I don't want to squash anyone's beliefs but the day I sit next to a man who went to the mountain and feel that he has some meaningful insight I don't, then I will be the first to go. I have had very good men around me throughout my life and I model my manhood on them.

"My dad and uncles went. They've always been present in my life. If their acts are because they went to the mountain then there is no need for my to go, bruh. I learnt responsibility through them and I am not from a family that doesn't stop me from eating any meat because of that.

"There might be certain pressures in your life but those don't exist for me. My young cousins go to the mountain and then still come back calling me "Grootman". When I want a cellphone charger fetched from my room I send them and they go. Maybe your fam is different.

"Obviously if you are forced to call 16 year olds "Ta Xolani" then it will eat you. But mfana ke mfana, a go na bra mfana. There is actually no law stopping you from walking out of Medi-Clinic and shouting "Ndiyi Ndoda". Even Drake knew he was a man from the age of 6 without spending a month on any mountain.

"How your family treats people who didn't go to the mountain is not important to me because I don't go to your family events. No matter how angry you are there will never be a time where you tell me I can't eat meat reserved for "Men". I am not coming there at your house.

"Uyinkwenkwe" or "Kwedini" all you like. I have been called more hurtful things. I spent over 15 years of my life being called "Kaizer Chiefs Supporter." If that didn't break me then nothing will."

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