"Oratile Keleketu was preparing for matric in 2022. Bonnie harassed him" - family of late Oratile Keleketu speaks KossyDerrickBlog KossyDerrickEnt


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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

"Oratile Keleketu was preparing for matric in 2022. Bonnie harassed him" - family of late Oratile Keleketu speaks

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Oratile Keleketu was meant to matric in 2022 after ending Grade 11 successfully. According to his aunt, Dineo Maselwa, says Oratile and Bonnie Bokang Mokgosi weren't dating. (Read More Here).

She says:

“We fetched his report and he had passed. He said he was going to work hard to pass because he wanted to finish, he was going to do Grade 12.”

She continued:

"“She was apparently harassing him and we were not aware, as boys don’t usually talk. What we hear is. She wanted a relationship with him. Oratile didn’t want her. Community patrollers mentioned they had seen her at night where Oratile went to perform.

“So, she would wait for Oratile outside, a couple of times the patrollers chased her away, asking her what she wants in the early hours. They told us they know the lady and they have caught her three times walking outside. There was a time when she found the gate locked and tried to force it open. Apparently these things have been happening for a long time and we were not aware. 

“On Saturday, he came to my place with my son and his cousin and they were excited. He told me he was going to perform and ... that was the last time I saw him alive. He was excited because they were going to these two gigs,” she said.

 “When Oratile got back from his performance, coming home, that’s when he came across the lady who was apparently sitting somewhere with her friends and she saw him. She confronted Oratile and his brother."

“When we got there the nurses told us there was nothing, he arrived dead. He was stabbed once close to the heart and he died, that's how we lost Oratile,” she said.

“We are devastated, Oratile is a child, we were expecting a lot from him. He loved music, he lived music and that is why we supported him when he went to do those gigs. We didn’t expect someone to cut his life short. On the day that we hear about this thing and when you get to the clinic, seeing your child lying there, it is bad. Children are not coping, we need to find them counselling, we can’t cope, because we ask ourselves what is going to happen, how are we going to move on?

“He was a people's person. That is why everyone is upset by this whole thing. He loved music, he wrote music and used to perform every Friday and Saturday.”

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